Huf Haus Insurance Standards

Arranging insurance for a Huf Haus can be challenging for many owners, but the main issue is often down to a lack of knowledge and understanding from standard insurance companies.

Because a Huf Haus is constructed from prefabricated timber and glass it does not fall into the widely used yet restricted ‘Standard Construction’ category used by most insurance companies. This is problematic for many insurance companies who will either decline to cover the properties or charge the owner high premiums and excess fees.

In searching for the right cover for many of my Huf Haus clients I’ve experienced a few issues that are problamatic for insurers that don’t offer non standard cover. Recently, I discovered that the window locks fitted to the majority of Huf Haus’s  prove problematic for many insurers due to their design. Although they are very secure, most insurers will insist on the fitting of key operated locks to all accessible windows which is not possible in a Huf Haus due to their design. They will therefore refuse to offer cover. Another reoccurring issue is the higher than normal excesss applied to claims for glass, I have heard of risks where such deductibles can be as high as £1,000.

At Macbeth we have a number of bespoke insurance solutions for owners of  Huf Haus’s. We have extensive experience and knowledge about these unique structures and work with a panel of specialist insurers who all understand the needs of a Huf Haus owner and provide the right cover at a competitive price. Here at Macbeth, we are recommended by Huf Haus & the Huf Haus owners club.

I am always interested to hear about the insurance challenges Huf Haus owners experience when looking to insure their properties. If  you would like further information or to discuss any concerns you might have please contact  me, Carl Sharp on 0118 9165 487 or complete our online enquiry form.

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*Information correct as of 1st May 2016

Author: Carl Sharp | August 22, 2012

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