Insurance Valuations – Keep Them Up To Date To Avoid Under-Insurance

The market of art, antiques and jewellery never stops and changing trends mean the replacement value is constantly shifting and therefore it is imperative valuations are kept up to date.

The general rule within high net worth home insurance is valuations should be refreshed every 3 – 5 years and in my experience this is correct, any longer and you could find yourself significantly under-insured. After the trauma off a loss or theft, the last thing you need is to be quibbling over value or drastically scrummaging through old paper works for receipts. Regular valuations ensure claims are settled promptly and fairly giving full piece of mind. With the permission of our client, we keep a copy of the valuation on our secure database to ensure that, at the time of a loss, we can act quickly to reach a settlement with your insurer.

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Author: Carl Sharp | June 2, 2014

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