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The loss of a Key Person within a Company can have a dramatic effect on the profitability and the day to day running of the business. Key Person Insurance is not in itself a product, but an application of insurance designed to maintain a company’s business profitability.

It aims to provide the replacement costs of an individual, whose loss (whether permanent or temporary) could have a significant impact on the company’s profits or turnover. This could present itself through loss of Goodwill, Technical skills/knowledge, Financial arrangements, Expansion opportunities or business projects.

Any business could suffer a financial loss if a key employee is absent for a long period of time. This is in addition to the day-to-day problems that will occur within the company. Key Person Insurance could provide funds to maintain the value of the company, enable the company to recruit and train a replacement, repay outstanding loans, help ward off a takeover, pay for temporary staff and inject capital when morale is low.

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*Information correct as of May 1st 2016

Author: Simon Claxton | January 15, 2015

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