Business Guides

Macbeth’s essential guides for managing and reviewing your business insurance

We have created two useful guides for smaller businesses. They provide a useful overview of the range of business insurance products available as well as highlight areas of risk  a business needs to consider.  Both guides are free to download by clicking on the relevant links below.

Managing Risk, your essential guide to protecting your business

Increasingly many businesses are neglecting to manage and regularly review their company’s business insurance leaving them exposed to growing risks. In many instances we see talk to companies that are over or under insured so not getting the true value and extent of cover they need from their existing arrangements.

We have put together an insightful guide around business insurance. It provides a useful overview of all the areas of insurance you need to consider for your business as well as insurance you need to be aware of. The guide is designed to assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to reviewing and buying your business insurance.



An essential checklist for reviewing your commercial insurance

This checklist includes a list of questions that any business should consider when reviewing its commercial insurance. The checklist comprises just 9 questions a company needs to consider about its current cover and possible changes to the business. Only by asking the right questions can a business make informed decisions and relevant choices about its insurance cover.


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