Motor insurance certificates- The end is nigh

Results of a government consultation paper are due to be published shortly that could mean the end of the motor insurance certificate.

The proposal stems from the Government’s Red Tape Challenge imitative, designed to reduce unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy within road transport. The Department of Transport announced a number of proposed measures to reduce paper work for motorist, one of these were to remove the need for a certificate of motor insurance.

Details of all motor insurance policies are already held on the Motor Insurance Database (MID) which the Police can access to ascertain if there is valid insurance cover in place. It can be argued that this using this system will work better as there will be less grey areas.  Although a policyholder may be able to produce a certificate to the Police that does not necessarily mean it is valid. There have been cases of certificates being forged and policyholder using certificates on policies that have been cancelled as proof of insurance.

The certificate of motor insurance has been with us a long time and there are concerns about how the public will feel about not having the comfort of having a certificate to prove insurance to carry with them.

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Author: Tony Gibbs | June 25, 2013

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