Private Health Insurance

Your ticket to first-class treatment without the wait

As the NHS buckles under the strain of funding cuts and staff shortages, it can be months before you get to see a consultant – and even longer to receive the treatment you need. No wonder the fast-track approach offered by private healthcare is so appealing. But private treatment doesn’t come cheap, unless you have insurance in place to help with the costs.

What is Private Health Insurance?

If you want to avoid long NHS waiting times, Private Health Insurance will cover some or all of the costs to use the services of a private healthcare provider. This type of policy is also called Private Medical Insurance – or PMI for short – and it can be a real game changer in terms of the impact an illness or injury has on your life.


"The leading insurers have very complex offerings,  so comparing different Private Health Insurance policies isn't just about cost but also about the quality of cover. There are budget plans through to fully comprehensive offerings – and we can help you choose the cover to suit you and your pocket."

– Simon Claxton, financial services specialist at Macbeth

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How Private Health Insurance protects you

Private Health Insurance usually covers short-term (acute) medical conditions that may require surgery, a hospital stay and nursing care. As well as paying for hospital treatment, your policy may also help with other costs such as physiotherapy and visits to a chiropractor, dentist or optician. 

Worried about NHS waiting lists? Having an insurance policy that covers some or all of the cost of private healthcare enables you to be diagnosed and treated quickly.

  • Faster treatment – with Private Health Insurance you shouldn’t have to wait long to see a consultant and receive the treatment you need 
  • Greater choice – one of the main benefits of private healthcare is that you have a say in who manages your treatment, which hospital you visit and when the treatment takes place 
  • Affordable premiums – policy options range from low-cost plans to more comprehensive packages depending on your budget and the level of cover you want
Private healthcare gives you a say in who manages your treatment, which hospital you visit and when the treatment takes place.
Why you should consider Private Health Insurance
  • Having Private Health Insurance gives you peace of mind that if you need medical treatment as a result of an illness or injury you’ll be able to get a prompt referral and admission to a private hospital at a time and place that’s convenient for you.
  • Private healthcare gives you access to the best doctors and surgeons who will treat you in a hospital where patients have their own rooms and visiting hours are unrestricted.
  • Many private medical insurance companies offer a six week wait option, which can reduce your premium by about 20%. It means that you agree to use the NHS if the waiting time is less than six weeks – a good option because most NHS waiting lists are much longer.

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