Equine Insurance

Macbeth offers a flexible equine product that can offer the ability to create a bespoke cover across all classes of use, including point to point, advanced eventing, show jumping, hacking and pony club activities.

Our in-house broker has been providing equine insurance solutions for over 20 years and fully understands that clients need some flexibility around their insurance cover. We can build policies to suit your needs and that offer excellent value.

Features of our cover include:

  • Loss of Animal: cover for death by accident, illness & disease, theft or straying.
  • Loss of Use: if the horse becomes permanently unable to participate in one or more of the activities for which it is kept.
  • Vet Fees: costs incurred for veterinary fees including alternative treatment, alternative husbandry, hospital livery costs and transportation costs.
  • Personal Liability: in case your horse should injure someone or damage their property.
  • Personal Accident: capital benefits and dental treatment for the rider or owner.
  • Saddles & Tack: loss, theft or damage.
  • Horse Trailer & Horse Drawn Vehicles: loss, theft or accidental damage

To learn more about our products and to review your current arrangements please contact  catherine.smith@macbeths.co.uk or call directly on 0118 923 5091

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