High Value Home Insurance

Greater protection for complete peace of mind

When your property and possessions reach a certain value, standard home insurance may not provide the cover you need. To ensure your assets are protected, it’s worth using a specialist high value home insurance brokers to arrange a policy on your behalf – so you never have to worry about being under-insured.

What is High Value Home Insurance?

High Value Home Insurance provides bespoke cover for anyone with a property valued in excess of £750,000 and contents exceeding £150,000. You can also use this type of policy to insure individual items or large collections of valuable jewellery, fine art or antiques. Each policy is underwritten on its own merit, giving you greater flexibility and fewer exclusions. You also benefit from a first-class service from our high value home insurance brokers whose claim philosophy is client focused.

Most high net worth individuals use a chartered broker like Macbeth to handle their high value home insurance requirements. Our specialist team of high value home insurance brokers can help identify the risks to your property and possessions before presenting them in the best possible light to insurers. As well as arranging the most suitable high value home insurance policy for you, we can help you source up-to-date valuations and advise you on ways to reduce risk, such as security enhancements. We’ll also be on hand 24/7 to provide expert support if you ever have to make a claim.

How High Value Home Insurance protects you

Tailored to your individual circumstances, high value home insurance provides superior cover with a much wider scope than a standard household policy, making it ideal for more complex requirements.

  • Bespoke buildings and contents insurance – including worldwide cover for contents, whatever their value, and alternative accommodation on a par with your own property
  • Wider scope of cover – your high value home insurance policy can include second homes, holiday homes, rental properties, cars and yachts
  • Warranty-free policies – if you forget to set your alarm or lock your door, you’ll still be covered
  • Higher single item limits – you only have to specify items of jewellery that exceed £10,000 in value and pieces of fine art or antiques in excess of £20k
  • Simplified claims process – you can insure valuable items on an agreed value basis, so there will be no settlement negotiations if you have to make a claim

Why you should consider High Value Home Insurance?

  • An estimated 1 in 5 homes in the UK is under-insured. Wealthier homeowners are more likely to be at risk, but most don’t realise until they come to make a claim.
  • Large swings in the value of jewellery, art and antiques can result in a significant shortfall in your contents cover.
  • All your assets can be covered by a single insurance policy with one renewal date, making life a lot easier.
  • As your point of contact for quotations, adjustments and claims, a specialist chartered broker will help you get the best value and most appropriate insurance to protect your home and possessions.
  • If you own an ultra-modern property such as a Huf Haus, you may fall outside the parameters of a standard household policy.
  • A specialist home insurance policy offers flexible payment options – so you can spread the cost with a monthly direct debit that’s interest free


To discuss how our specialist high value home insurance could improve the protection of your home and valuables, or to arrange an appraisal or quote, call us today to speak to one of our high value home insurance brokers on 0118 916 5480 or email us.

“I have been very impressed with the excellent personal service, and honest professional advice, that Macbeth has provided. I’m comfortable knowing that I have the right insurance in place and that I’m in safe hands should the worst happen, which is after all, why we have insurance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Macbeth.”

Phil Wrigley

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