Huf Haus Insurance

An individual approach for a highly individual home: Hauf Haus Insurance

As a recommended insurance broker for the Huf Haus Owners Club, we are fully aware that insuring a Huf Haus can be challenging for many owners. The main issue is often due to a lack of knowledge and understanding from insurance companies.

Because a Huf Haus is constructed from pre-fabricated timber and glass, it does not fall into the widely used, yet heavily restricted, description of ‘standard construction’, used by the vast majority of insurance companies.

At Macbeth we have a bespoke insurance solution for Huf Haus owners with several key benefits. If you would like to talk about obtaining a quotation, please call us on 0118 916 5480 or complete an enquiry form.

Download a copy of our Huf Haus brochure 

“We shopped around this year as our usual insurer had increased our premiums substantially over two years. As promised by our broker at Macbeth, we now have a policy which has increased cover which is substantially lower in cost than our existing policy. Our broker also had specialist knowledge and experience and was able to handle our queries promptly and clearly and ensured that any unusual Huf Haus features were fully covered.”

Get in touch:   Reading: 0118 916 5480   London: 020 7036 8767