Specialist Business Insurance

When your needs aren’t standard, you need more than standard cover

We look upon every business we work with as unique. Some are highly specialist within a particular field. Others are even more individual, requiring highly bespoke insurance cover.

Over recent years we have worked with an increasing number of highly specialist business areas where the insurance requirements are so individual, or out of the ordinary, that only a specially devised insurance scheme can provide the required cover.

In many instances our own expertise in identifying the cover required has been an integral part in the putting together of such specialist schemes.

There are very few insurance brokers in the whole of the UK with such specialist knowledge in so many fields. It’s something we pride ourselves on, and allows us to provide the level of service such businesses demand and find almost impossible to get elsewhere.

When you work with Macbeth, you work with your own personal broker. Someone with the experience and knowledge of your business sector to be able to provide valuable insight and advice on the best strategies and practices to handle any potential setbacks or risks to your business.

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of specialist business insurance products, so if you feel that your business is out of the ordinary and not covered by our existing areas of expertise, give us a call.

We love a challenge! If you would like to discuss your current arrangements or organise a review, please contact us on 0118 916 5480 or email us to discuss a specific issue.

Specialist Businesses

Business Insurance

A personal and tailored approach to insurance for all businesses and professionals, clearly identifying all potential areas of risk and providing adequate cover.

Employee Benefits

Advice on setting up and running tailored schemes to provide attractive benefits to your employees.

Financial Services

Protecting your business and the most important individuals within it, in the event of any unfortunate event.

“I have used the team on several projects to supply specific new insurance for innovative projects in mixed use developments. They have always kept us up to date on how the policies will work and what information is required. They are willing to go the extra mile for their clients and I would recommend Macbeths to my customers and friends.”

Carl Nelson, CRN Building Consultancy

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