Our knowledge and expertise has taught us that being at the forefront of innovation can expose technology businesses to risks, which generally fall outside the scope of a standard insurance policy’s protection. The following content has been created to help inform technology businesses of the insurance challenges they face when addressing new-age concerns. If you wish to discuss any of these areas in greater detail please get in touch.

Understanding Contractual Liability - Tech Insurance Challenges - Macbeths Insurance Brokers

The most common dispute we encounter when it comes to our fast growing technology clients is an alleged breach of contract.

The majority of the incidents we see can usually be resolved by way of negotiation from the insurer’s legal experts. These generally relate to the payment of withheld fees to mitigate a larger claim…

70 %
of tech claims we handle relate to an alleged breach of contract
Trading In The US Marketing - Tech Insurance Challenges - Macbeths Insurance Brokers

With more UK technology businesses looking to enter into the US market, it is important that these companies are aware of the differences between the practices and procedures that operate here in the UK.

The US has a reputation for being a litigious society. With a population which is approximately 5.5 times greater than that of the UK, there is already a greater chance of a claim being brought against you…

50 %
of U.S. tech companies outsource offshore
Intellectual Property Insurance - Macbeths Insurance Brokers

If you think of Intellectual Property in terms of innovation, creation and brand awareness, then protecting that IP is crucial to any technology business or product.

In such a varied, fast paced and ever changing industry, disputes over the legalities of an intellectual property’s ownership frequently occur, whether that be a dispute relating to the breach of…

49 %
of a tech company's value is in its intellectual property/intangibles
Cyber Liability Insurance - Data Breach Insurance From Macbeths

We all know that terms like cyber threats and data security are huge buzzwords in today’s world, what with the list of high profile victims such as Sony, Target, Ashely Madison and Yahoo on the rise.

What exposures does a tech company really face and what are the weak points within an organisation which cause these often extremely damaging attacks…

67 %
of UK businesses have been hit by a cyber breach in the past year
Investment In People - Tech Insurance Challenges - Macbeths Insurance Brokers

Tech companies have developed a reputation for quick growth. With the potential of significant returns on successful investments, there is an obvious appeal for venture capitalists and investors to invest.

In a continually changing environment tech companies need to act fast when reacting to market opportunities and quickly execute ideas into workable solutions before the competition catches on. This is why ensuring that you…

62 %
of employees are likely to take a job with lower pay but better benefits
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