Specialist Media Insurance

Catch-all cover for a dynamic line of work

Working in the media industry exposes you to a wide range of complex risks. With a specialist policy that’s tailored to your business, you’re covered for every eventuality, from a fire at your office to a freelancer injured on location.

What is Media Industry Insurance?

Media Industry Insurance provides comprehensive protection for anyone in the media sector – from advertising agencies, PR consultants and broadcasters to production companies, recording studios and filmmakers. As well as worldwide property cover, your policy can include professional indemnity, employer’s and public liability, cyber liability and privacy liability.

How it protects you

  • Property insurance – includes buildings and contents cover, along with worldwide cover for the loss of, or damage to, equipment such as cameras, IT equipment and exhibition stands
  • Professional indemnity – you’re covered for claims made against your company for a breach of contract, the infringement of intellectual property rights, plagiarism, defamation of character (libel or slander) and general errors or omissions
  • Employer’s and public liability – covers compensation claims made by employees or members of the public for injuries, illnesses or damage to property
  • Cyber liability ­– covers your costs to retrieve, restore or replace data after a cyber attack, along with any financial losses as a result of business interruption; you’re also protected against third party claims for financial losses or the loss or theft of data
  • Privacy liability – covers claims for a breach of individual privacy rights or confidentiality

Why you should consider it

  • You can combine all the cover you need in a single policy with the convenience of one renewal date.
  • Some contracts aren’t covered by standard insurance policies. For example, if you’re signing up to contractual terms that are subject to a US court of law, you need to ensure your policy reflects this.
  • Media Industry Insurance can protect you against the cost to rectify mistakes, whereas it’s unusual for a standard professional indemnity policy to cover this.
  • The dynamic nature of the media industry means that many businesses are likely to be underinsured – or even uninsured – against the risks they face. A specialist broker who understands the complexities of the sector can make sure you’re fully covered.

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“ I have used Macbeth to manage my insurance arrangements for several years now. My broker understands business risk and pays particular attention to helping me review my business exposures that could affect the type of cover I need. Macbeth also highlighted existing gaps in cover that my previous provider hadn’t acknowledged. This proactive approach from Macbeth gives the reassurance that my business is adequately protected to support our future growth.”

Tracey Wright, Company Director
Margrathea Telecommunications Ltd

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