Medical Device & Equipment Insurance

Competitively priced protection that includes product liability

If you’re in the medical device industry, it’s not easy to find comprehensive medical device insurance or medical equipment at a price you can afford. With access to specialist insurers, Macbeth can provide a cost-effective solution – and ensure there are no gaps in your cover, particularly when it comes to product liability.

What is Medical Device Insurance?

Medical Device Insurance provides specialist protection for companies that develop, manufacture and distribute medical devices and equipment, including start-ups and R&D companies. It’s a modular product – so you can tailor your policy to cover everything from product liability, professional indemnity and property to employers’ liability, public liability and business interruption.

How it protects you

  • Product liability – your cover provides protection against the risk of medical devices or equipment failing, injuring someone or damaging property
  • Professional indemnity – you’re covered for claims made against your company for negligence, a breach of contract and general errors or omissions
  • Business assets – your policy can cover the loss of, or damage to, property throughout the supply chain and while in transit
  • Employer’s and public liability – covers compensation claims made by employees or members of the public for injuries, illnesses or damage to property; a specialist policy can also cover claims made by people taking part in clinical trials
  • Business interruption – flexible cover that can include a loss of profit or R&D funding if you’re unable to continue working at full capacity

Why you should consider it

  • You can combine all the cover you need in a single policy with the convenience of one renewal date.
  • A specialist policy can give you worldwide protection, including the USA.
  • Your cover options include special risks such as contamination, machinery breakdown, spoilage of perishable stock and ideologically motivated attacks.
  • Product liability insurance is vital for any medical device company. And it’s a contractual requirement if you supply medical devices or equipment to the NHS.
  • While some insurance brokers steer clear of the medical device sector, Macbeth work with specialist insurers to provide comprehensive policies at the lowest possible cost.

Specialist cover for device owners

From a single piece of beauty therapy kit to a suite of ultrasound machines, Macbeth can also provide insurance for hospitals, healthcare professionals and anyone else who owns medical devices and equipment.

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“We needed to source a comprehensive, yet bespoke set of Insurances designed to meet our unique business model. I have been thrilled with the products Macbeth has recommended all of which remain competitively priced. What I appreciate most about Macbeth is the trust I have that they fully understand our business subject, their commitment and understanding of our needs, and the extra mile or three they went to assist us with our timelines. Great attention to detail, and frequent communications, ensured our exact needs were met. Thank you Macbeth.”

Dawn Jones, Operations Manager
Multi Medicx Ltd

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