Specialist insurance for the security industry

Macbeth’s specialist insurance services for the security industry provide a full range of cover for alarm, CCTV and access control installers, doormen, security guards, consultants and training companies, close protection operatives, wheel clampers, event stewards, private investigators and debt collectors.

It includes:

  • public and employers liability cover
  • protection against wrongful arrest
  • efficacy and contractual liability cover against product failure or employee incompetence that results in customer losses because of, say, an alarm malfunction or a security guard falling asleep on the job

Why you should consider it

  • Provides compliance with statutory requirements
  • Covers your business against every eventuality
  • Delivers improved customer assurance – especially important in securing new business

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“As a company owner, it’s crucial to get the balance right between making sure you’re comprehensively insured, and not spending money unnecessarily: Macbeth has always put the interests of my company first. Macbeths have also worked hard to minimise the amount of work that my colleagues and I have to do. Macbeth has fought hard with the insurers to ensure we get the best returns.”

Ian Charles

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