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Gross Profit Damaged by Fire, Smoke and Water!

The recent major fire at Asos’s only UK distribution site in Barnsley, is a reminder that fire alone is not the biggest threat to a business.  The fire in this case is believed to have been caused deliberately resulting in 20% of the firm’s stock (valued at several millions) being fire damaged, smoke damaged and water damaged.


CCTV – Enhanced security equals lower premiums

As the quality of CCTV improves we are finding that more insurers are taking into consideration the installation of CCTV as a rating factor when calculating business insurance premiums.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance – Are you already covered?

Business insurance policies have evolved tremendously over the years to the extent that policyholders may not actually be aware of the cover that they have. This is particularly the case with regards to breakdown insurance.


Specialist Businesses Insurance Cover. Insurance advice for skip hire and waste transfer companies

There are at least seven different classes of insurance risks that skip hire and waste transfer operators need to consider, from the obvious vehicle and liability insurance through to property and plant cover to the less considered management liability risk. We will look at each of these with the view to providing advice on to how get the correct cover at competitive rates.


Business Insurance – 3 tips for getting the best value out of your insurance

Insurance companies are becoming more innovative as they strive to win new business.  No longer are no claims discounts confined to the realms of motor and household insurance.  It is well worth asking your broker if your insurer offers a no claim or low claim rebate, you may be pleasantly surprised.


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