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Protecting your Business Against Risk

Managing risk is essential in safeguarding your business assets, as well reducing costly insurance premiums.


Flood & Storm advice

With the bad weather looking likely to continue over the next few weeks, the Association of British Insurers has provided some useful information to keep you safe during the storms and floods.


User Generated Content, Libel, Slander and intellectual property rights……just some of the reasons why Media companies need Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The media industry has developed exponentially in recent years. Along with the IT industry, media risks used to be treated as “Miscellaneous” but, as the marketing and communications industry has developed worldwide, including the introduction of social media, the understanding of the insurance market has had to improve so that media businesses can be adequately protected. At Macbeth Chartered Insurance Brokers, we treat media as a class of its own. We offer media businesses the confidence that when we provide them with a policy it is designed for their industry:


Planning for the Christmas Holidays

Christmas and New Year 2011 will be a difficult year from two entirely different perspectives….


Damage caused from the riots – advise your insurer quickly

If your property or business has suffered damage during the riots this week the it is essential for you to report your loss to your insurer immediately. Under the Riot Damages Act 1886, insurers and uninsured individuals can recover their costs from the Police under circumstances that are deemed as a riot.


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