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Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance for Unusual Insurance Risk

What does a Ballet Dancer, Grave Digger, Tattooist and Feng Shui consultant have in common? The answer is nothing other than they are some of the more unusual occupations that have purchased public liability & employers liability insurance in the recent past.


Be Prepared in the Event of a Claim

The information that a company is expected to provide following an employer’s liability insurance claim can be quite daunting, particularly if you are not prepared. The following is a list of documents that an existing client of ours was requested to provide. You are likely to be asked to provide this information in order for your insurer to have any chance of defending a claim against you. By utilising our Online Risk Management Portal you could take care of many of these elements in advance of any claim.


What Insurance Covers Should a Virtual Business Consider?

Gone are the days when a business had to have office premises to trade. The advent of the internet and improvements in telecommunication means that even large organisations can operate in a virtual environment. The use of independent contractors and a range of outsourced service providers has resulted in direct employees no longer being necessary at all. What’s more, businesses are fast realising the benefits of operating virtually – leveraging fast-changing technology to grow their offer, enjoying low overheads and maximising flexibility.


Is it possible to Buy Employers Liability Insurance in Isolation?

The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 makes it a legal requirement for employers to insure against liability for bodily injury or disease sustained by his/her employee that arises out of course of their employment. The fine for not having adequate insurance in place can be as much to £2,000 per day!


Employers Liability – Not a lot of people know that!

The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Amendment Regulations 2008 increased the original fine to £1,000 for failure to supply a copy certificate, or make it available to Health and Safety Executive inspectors….plus….failure to have employers’ liability cover in place increased the fine to £2,500 per day. 


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