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Key Person Cover

What is Key Person Assurance?

The loss of a Key Person within a Company can have a dramatic effect on the profitability and the day to day running of the business. Key Person Assurance is not in itself a product but an application of insurance designed to maintain a company’s business profitability. It aims to provide the replacement costs of an individual whose loss (whether permanent or temporary) could have a significant impact on the company’s profits or turnover and which could
present itself through loss of:


Commercial Insurance. Security & maintenance advice for businesses

In times of recession, crime increases dramatically. Some commentators anticipate a doubling of burglaries and fraud and that computer crime is also expected to grow substantially. Arson by disgruntled ex-employee’s increases and expenditure on health and safety and risk management tends to reduce as costs are contained.


Cyber Liability Insurance. Protecting your intellectual property online

Online exploitation of intellectual property is rising according to new study. The UK is in the grips of a cybercrime wave with many businesses unaware of how their brand is being used online following the release of a report investigating the serious issue of ‘brand jacking’.


Fleet Insurance. Employers and their duty of care

Employers are legally responsible for employees who drive whilst at work.


Employers Liability. A Company’s Legal Obligation

Employers’ Liability Insurance can be a particularly difficult issue; in fact a recent survey revealed that over 210,000 small and medium sized businesses in the UK are breaking the law by operating without such cover. That means there are possibly around 1.8 million employees that have no cover in the workplace.


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