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Contemporary Home Insurance

When insuring high end homes constructed of modern, or contemporary building materials, a homeowner should always take extra care when it comes to insuring their home. These unique buildings require a delicate touch when it comes to insurance.


Criminals are using the internet to target high net worth homes

Breaking into a high value home that is well protected and secured, is becoming increasingly more difficult for burglars, given the sophistication of many intruder alarm systems. However, I’m afraid that such physical deterrents won’t stop all burglars, and, if they are determined to break-in to your home, then generally, they will find a way.


Fire extinguishers – Advice for homeowners

Several high value home insurers will offer a complimentary appraisal once cover has been arranged. The key benefit of such an appraisal is to ensure that the client is fully aware of the sums insured at stake. However, the Surveyor will also provide the client with risk management advice such as security and safety.


Competition hots up in the private client sector

Competition in the world of private client insurance is increasing and some of this is arriving from the insurance services provided by banks and retail chains.


Period Property Insurance

For all of their charm, style and unique features, period properties are truly beautiful and there is a true passion and pride in the owners of these properties. I take real pleasure in helping my clients insure their period homes as it is crucial that the right type of policy, provided by a high quality insurer is arranged. Unsurprisingly, period properties are expensive to maintain, but they are special and need a high quality, bespoke insurance policy to provide the best possible protection.


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