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Don’t let Brian ruin your weekend

A storm called Brian doesn’t sound very threatening, but by all accounts he could be packing quite a punch. Here are a few tips to help avoid Brian ruining your weeken


Contemporary Home Insurance

When insuring high end homes constructed of modern, or contemporary building materials, a homeowner should always take extra care when it comes to insuring their home. These unique buildings require a delicate touch when it comes to insurance.


Wine collection insurance

Owning treasured wine is as popular as ever, and many are truly passionate about their wines.


Mum’s the word – Insurance for actors & celebrities

In theatrical circles the name Macbeth is often associated with bad luck, so much so that Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is often referred to as “The Scottish Play”.

I suppose then, it is somewhat ironic that our private client team at Macbeth insures a number of high profile actors, celebrities and sport stars. The reason that they choose Macbeth is due to the exceptionally high quality, personal service that we provide, together will the ability to cover higher value items. Whilst some insurers will shy away from insuring actors, celebrities and sport stars our insurers offer a more flexible approach.


University Students Possessions – automatically covered?

Fresher’s week is well and truly over and as students settle into their digs and halls we wanted to share with you some information relating to the insurance of student’s possessions that might be of interest.


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