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Safe ratings – How insurers assess what type of safe is suitable

The price of gold, diamonds and precious metals has risen dramatically over the last two to three years; general estimates suggest as much as 50-60%. As a result, the cost of jewellery has also risen by similar percentages. Sadly this is only highlighted to people when a loss occurs. Insurers will require either an estimate to repair or replace the item lost or damaged or use one of their recommended companies. It is then that realisation hits that the cost of replacing the treasured item has doubled and the sum insured is not sufficient.


Jewellery and Watch Insurance. Be confident about your cover.

Whether you already have expensive jewellery or are about to acquire some; it’s important that you have the correct level of cover. First, ask yourself if you want or need specialist cover? If the value of your jewellery is modest (basically less than £5,000) perhaps the limited cover provided by a basic, standard policy will be adequate. However, when high values are involved, more specialist insurance cover should be bought.


When did you last have your jewellery valued?

One of our insurer partners recently provided me with three examples of how much jewellery has increased over the last few years and it is quite staggering.


Gold Rush!

The recent down turn in the stock market is one of the contributing  factors that has seen unprecedented rises in the value of precious metals. Silver is now worth about nine times more than it was ten years ago and the price of gold has risen by 50% in the last year alone.In a recent article for BBC news Phillip Diaper the manager of London’s oldest pawnbroker, Sutton & Robertsons commented “The price of gold has run away. A common garden gate bracelet ten years ago would have melted for £65; today it is worth £350.


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