The Cost Of Beauty – High Value Home insurance

One of my asscociates recently visited a client’s property and met a very risk aware client.

She had a number of vanity mirrors on dressing tables that looked out over the garden and rambling fields beyond. I advised her of the perils of vanity mirrors and how they can easily cause fires if angled in such a way to deflect the sun’s rays onto combustible material. She told me that she knew of this problem only too well and showed me the effects of what can happen. Fortunately, she was in the property at the time, smelt burning and discovered the smouldering makeup container and small chest of drawers before it had a chance to fully ignite and catch the curtains that were nearby and potentially engulf their house in flames.

They were underinsured. Following my visit the buildings went from £600,000 to just over £1,000,000, the contents from £125,000 to £150,000 and the antiques from £12,000 to just over £20,000. If the whole house had gone up including the general contents, fine arts and buildings they could potentially have been out of pocket to nearly £450,000!

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Author: Tony Gibbs | September 21, 2010

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