The New Year Brings New Legislation In Relation To Air Conditioning Systems

The last phase of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR) comes into force with effect from the 4th January 2011 . These regulations have been in place since 2007 and were introduced in several phases. This brought in Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) and others. However the latest part and one which will affect many businesses and clients who may have been exempt from earlier phases, is the lowering of the size requirement for air conditioning systems.

From the above date, all air conditioning systems with a cooling (or heating) capacity of greater than 12kW requires to be surveyed and reported upon. This is a reduced threshold from the previous 250kW and when completed, the survey findings last for 5 years. It is also accompanied with a recommendation report which can identify ways to operate the system more effectively and thus save operating costs. At this time of the year this is uppermost in many of our minds.

The capacity is the total system cooling capacity taking into account all units and the significant lowering of the size will include many small packaged units, such as may be purchased from electrical retailers on the high street.

This legal requirement to have the efficiency of air conditioning systems assessed fulfils part 4 of the regulations, which also contribute to the Government’s strategy to meet its climate change targets

I asked Ken Gunston who is the managing director of Equazion Ltd a Reading based company that specialise in air conditioning for his views on the new legislation.

Ken said “ I am worried that the new legislation will largely ignored, generally because few are aware of it. I am also concerned because some supplier of air conditioning equipment may not make their clients aware of the new legislation because of the cost implication”

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Author: Tony Gibbs | January 6, 2011

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