The value of an Insurance Broker

Buying or renewing insurance online might mean that you’re missing out on valuable, insurance advice. Under insurance is a big problem. The role of an Insurance broker as a trusted financial adviser is becoming more and more important as the complexity of doing business in the modern world increases. A good insurance broker will always put the customer’s needs first, taking the time to find the right insurance and providing valuable support through the claims process.

It is the insurance broker’s responsibility to understand the market inside out. As the client, when it comes to insurance at least, you don’t know what you don’t know, and by trying to find the right insurance for the right price online, you may be leaving your business exposed to risks you didn’t know existed. When using an insurance broker you are benefiting from a wealth of expertise and access to dedicated specialised markets. Thanks to our great team of insurance specialists and financial advisers, Macbeth have well over 30 years’ experience in the industry and we can help you identify what you may need. Put simply, we take away the hassle of sorting out your insurances. We not only take away that hassle at the front end, but we also aim to do so in the event of a claim.

Until you have experienced a significant claim and the benefits an insurance broker will bring, you will more than likely choose to buy insurance based on price. Post claim, your decision making criteria may well change. Your claim is an opportunity for us to shine, take ownership and to demonstrate the value we add. Online markets have their place, but if you value your time, a personal service and expertise in the event of a claim, you really need to be speaking with an insurance broker, even better, a Chartered Insurance Broker!

One example of an emerging risk to all businesses is Cyber Liability. Also known as Internet Liability Insurance or Data Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance protects your business against the risks involved in using the internet and IT networks. Such risks include security breaches that result in unauthorised access to confidential or sensitive data, system damage caused by viruses or malware and staff misuse of company email. Cyber threats to all businesses, large and small, continue to mount and can have devastating consequences. A robust Cyber Liability policy will provide some comfort in the event of an incident, working to get your business critical systems operational as quickly as possible and to secure the root cause.

Making sure that you have the right insurance cover in place, be it Cyber Liability, Commercial Property Insurance or Public Liability Insurance is not a trivial thing. Finding out that you are not covered in the event of a major incident can be massively traumatic. For that reason, we take our role as a Chartered Insurance Broker very seriously. We aim to be your trusted adviser, ensuring that you and your business have the right levels of protection form the outset. We work to understand your business and your exposures and advise accordingly for the duration of our relationship.




Author: James Bishop | October 3, 2018

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