Tips For Businesses In The Run-Up To Christmas

Businesses should be aware of the additional risks they face in the run-up to Christmas. Why not follow these top tips:

  • Make sure your sums insured are adequate for increased stock
  • Don’t block intruder alarms, sprinkler systems or fire exits with piles of Christmas stock
  • Make sure you have alarms, sprinklers or other security equipment in good working order particularly if you are closing premises for any period over the Christmas holidays
  • If you’re taking on additional staff, carry out thorough background checks and provide adequate training
  • Consider extra security to protect your staff against drunken behaviour and prevent theft
  • Regularly remove cash from tills during the working day and place takings within a safe (preferably with a time delay) – this will reduce the amount of cash stolen should a hold-up attack occur
  • If large amounts of cash need to be banked or collected on a regular basis, then the safest method is to employ a recognised cash carrying company
  • Be aware of how much money your policy will cover while on site, off site and during transit

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