What are E-Risks?

Twenty five years ago e-risks did not exist. It is only the development of the computer and the internet that has transformed how we interact and subsequently has created the additional exposure to risk.

Some of these risks are:

Email liability – Who doesn’t use email as a form of communication now? An email that contains remarks that are libellous or defamatory could result in a law suit

System failure – We are so reliant on computers and computers’ networks that a system failure could have catoptrics effects on profits

Privacy Breaches – Some businesses hold a massive amount of customer data online. A breach of privacy can be costly and have a really negative effect on brand

Hacking and Viruses – Malicious hacking, viruses and even organised criminal extortion are more common than ever. A company that is reliant on its website for its profits needs to recognise the threats

Social business – The use of the internet to share information between employees and customers either by intranets or social media can be seen as a massive step forward. It however can also lead to employment related issues or damage to brand if not handled properly

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*Information correct as of 1st May 2016

Author: Adam Lawrence | April 20, 2013

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