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Cleaning contractors are exposed to much wider risks than your average trade, and that’s why we arrange insurance with a specialist market, providing a much wider scope of cover.

In the event of a claim from a customer, cleaning contractors can find themselves inadequately insured, or completely exposed. When taking out a standard policy, many insurers will include a standard exclusion for damage to ‘property being worked upon’. This means that if, whilst working on a customer’s premises, an item is dropped whilst being cleaned, there is no cover in place which could leave the contractor exposed to an expensive loss.

Another risk to consider is the treatment risk involved. For instance if cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery or curtains, then should the chemicals react or cause damage, again the contractor could find themselves exposed to an uninsured loss.

Loss of keys and cover for security of customer premises (that’s cover in case a cleaner fails to secure the premises appropriately) are useful cover extensions.

For larger companies it is worth looking at cover for fidelity (theft by employees) and misuse of customers’ telephones.

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