Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

For the attacks you hope won't happen

Comprehensive Cyber Insurance

Phishing. Extortion. Social engineering. Cyber-crime is still the thing that happens to someone else, right? Until it’s not. We don’t want you to take that chance, which is why we strongly recommend Cyber Liability Insurance. Even if you don’t arrange it through us.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

From malware attacks to email misuse, Cyber Risk Insurance (also known as Cyber Liability Insurance) protects your business against the internet, IT networks and your own GDPR policy.  We feel so strongly about this being a must-have insurance that we’ll give you advice about the right cover even if we’re not right for you.


“Of all the risks we cover, cyber is the fastest growing by far. You might feel you’re too small to be of interest to cyber criminals or that because you’re big, you must be fully covered. The truth is, everyone is vulnerable, and the impact of an attack can be huge.”

– Theo Pastuch, Cyber Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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How Cyber Liability Insurance protects you

Cyber Insurance covers the costs you might incur after a cyber-attack or security breach. It also protects you against financial losses if your company website fails or your ISP collapses. And you’re also covered for legal defence costs if you’re accused of publishing defamatory content online.

We protect you against ever-expanding digital risks so you can cope with an attack.

Looking for cyber insurance advice?
  • Data breach

    Cover for investigation and customer notification costs as well as emergency support such as IT forensics, credit monitoring and crisis management.

  • System damage

    Cover for the cost of repairing and restoring your IT systems after a cyber incident.

  • Loss of income

    Protection against loss of income if a network security failure disrupts your business.

  • Cyber extortion

    Cover for investigation costs and ransom payments.

  • Regulatory fines

    Cover to reimburse any fines you’re legally obliged to pay as a result of a data breach.

  • Privacy liability

    Cover against claims that your business has breached confidentiality or privacy rights.

3 things you should know about Cyber Insurance

  • Ongoing legislative changes, including the introduction of GDPR, mean that the use and storage of personal data is a complex and risky area. Cyber Insurance protects you from things often missing from general liability policies.

  • You’re particularly at risk if you trade online or hold confidential or sensitive customer data. But, in reality, if you send and receive information by email and download documents, you need Cyber Insurance.

  • Use Cyber Insurance as a business enabler, to show how proactive you are, and to reassure customers and suppliers.

Liability policies often don’t cover cyber-attacks and data breaches.

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