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Your relationship with us is the centre and focus of our service

About us

Malcolm Macbeth started his family business in the early 1990s. Macbeth retains the feel of a family business, but we’ve grown way beyond that. What we’ve always done for our clients is replace risk with reassurance.

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The world of insurance is tedious, complex and confusing

Undetermined and unknown risks. A never-ending stack of policies to cover your life and your business. The growing cost of intangible what ifs. Not to mention financial planning for the future. If you’re feeling exposed to risk, there’s little wonder.

Our goal is to relieve any unnecessary stress and anxiety, and has been for over 30 years. We want to let you get on with your life, and your businesses – reassured with the knowledge that we’re here for you.

Mandy Everest Private Client Team
Mandy Everest Private Client Team

Our promise

You can leave it to us to protect your world and reduce your risk. We’ll give you principled advice when you need it, and we’ll use our expertise to think about the things you don’t. We’ll free up time for you to get on with your business. Our special blend of insurance and financial advice will protect your whole world.

So that’s the what (we do), but it’s the how that separates Macbeth from the rest.

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Why choose Macbeth

We won't simply recommend solutions based on price, we'll recommend it based on your individual needs. This is how to avoid paying for too much, or too little cover.

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Why choose Macbeth

You'll have a dedicated Macbeth account manager whom you can call directly. No call centres. Just us, all in-house so we can offer our best-in-class service.

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Why choose Macbeth

We can cover every aspect of your home, and your business. Do you know what is and isn't covered? What's your exposure to risk? Don't worry, that's our job. Leave the risk to us.

Mandy Everest Client Adviser
"We’re fun, professional, motivated - a team in all senses of the word. Macbeth really care about their people, and the directors are always quick to congratulate you if you've dealt with a particular problem effectively or gained new business."
Mandy Everest, Client Adviser
Paul Macbeth Group CEO
“Our people are committed to our culture and our philosophy. This is a special business, full of special people, and I'm incredibly proud to lead it."
Paul Macbeth, CEO
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Our business isn’t really about insurance and finances

Honestly, it’s about people and relationships. We love to meet face-to-face and chat and talk and question and discuss things with you. Getting to know about you, your family and your business is vital to ensure you’re properly protected. It’s not about things, or stuff. It’s not about this policy, or that. It’s about finding what you need and making sure you get it, and we’re great at that. It’s why so much of our business comes from referrals.

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I’m well aware that you need to trust your insurance provider and financial adviser. And I've always preached - and practised - open, honest business, conducted with integrity. Trust builds. This is how.

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We don't simply recommend solutions based on price

Often that won’t provide appropriate protection. We’ll recommend it based on your needs. This is how you avoid inadequate cover, or paying for cover you don’t need. We’ll always be open about the costs, but we’re not driven by price.

With Macbeth you’ll have a dedicated account manager whom you can call directly. No call centres. Just us. We have our own claims department working closely with our account managers.

Smiling employee in conversation with a colleague
Smiling employee in conversation with a colleague

Risk Less

Our expertise, advice, and claims are all in-house because it allows us to offer best-in-class service to you.

We can cover every aspect of your home, and your business – even as home/work is beginning to blend these days. Do you know precisely what is and isn’t covered? Home, contents, vehicles, business assets… How exposed to risk are you? Don’t worry, be reassured. That’s our job. You live your life. And leave the risk to us.

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Whether it’s protecting your business or your family, we’re here to provide expert advice.

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