Huf Haus Insurance

When standard home insurance falls short

Huf Haus Insurance

Insuring a Huf Haus can be a challenge. Unfamiliar with this type of property, many insurance companies will either refuse to provide cover or charge exorbitant premiums and excesses, especially for glass. Thankfully, a bespoke solution is now available for Huf Haus owners who don’t want to pay a small fortune to protect their home.

What’s our approach to Huf Haus Insurance?

When we were asked to arrange insurance for our first Huf Haus we were surprised by the number of insurers who turned us down. More than 10 years on, we work with a panel of specialist insurers who understand the needs of Huf Haus owners and are prepared to provide flexible cover with generous limits – all at a competitive price. Our relationship with Huf Haus themselves as well as the Huf Haus Owners Club puts us in a great position to be able to provide the specialist advise required for your specialist home.


“Recommended by Huf Haus and the Huf Haus Owners Club, we now insure more than 100 Huf Haus properties – and we’ve successfully handled more than 50 Huf Haus claims over the past 10 years. We can also insure other prefabricated homes such as Hanse Haus, Baufritz, Scandia-Hus, Meisterstueck Haus and WeberHaus”

– Carl Sharp, Huf Haus Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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How Huf Haus Insurance protects you

Huf Haus Insurance is a specialist home and contents policy with extra features such as no excess for accidental damage to glass. Most importantly, in the event of a claim you’re covered for Huf Haus approved parts and contract work.

Because every Huf Haus is unique, you need specialist cover with flexible terms and generous limits.

  • Glass cover

    There’s no excess for claims related to glass breakages or damage

  • Specialist repairs

    All contract work and replacement parts and products are Huf Haus approved

  • Worldwide ‘all risks’ cover

    For contents, personal effects, art, antiques and jewellery

  • Security warranty free

    If a door or window is left open or unlocked and a burglary takes place you are still insured

  • Understanding

    We truly understand Huf Haus homes, from the construction to the locks, from the basements to the flat roofs

Why you should consider Huf Haus Insurance

  • Because a Huf Haus is constructed from prefabricated timber and glass, it doesn’t fall into the widely used, but heavily restricted, description of ‘standard construction’ recognised by most insurance companies.

  • A standard home insurance policy will always require two estimates for repairs and go with the cheapest. Like a listed building, a Huf Haus requires specialist cover because only Huf Haus can repair or rebuild the property.

  • Constructed to a very high standard, a Huf Haus can be expensive to rebuild – so it’s worth finding a specialist insurer who will cater for higher value homes, preferably one who is prepared to carry out a rebuilding valuation of the property.

  • Huf Haus Insurance can include a guaranteed rebuilding cost known as Extended Replacement – so you don’t have to worry about the impact of exchange rate fluctuations.

  • With standard home insurance policies, the excess for Huf Haus glass claims can be as high as £1,000. And the design of most Huf Haus window locks proves problematic for many insurers who insist that key operated locks are fitted to all accessible windows.

A Huf Haus requires specialist cover because only Huf Haus can repair or rebuild the property.

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