Income Protection Insurance

Get paid even if your income stops

Income Protection Insurance

If your income stopped, how long would your savings last? 


It’s a big question. And one you don’t really want to think about. Take out Income Protection Insurance and you won’t have to.

What is Income Protection Insurance?

Income Protection Insurance minimises the impact of an injury or illness on your family and gives you a regular income when you can’t work. It’s great as a backup, and essential if you’re self-employed and don’t get statutory sick pay.


We’re not here to sell insurance policies. We’re here to ask questions and give no-nonsense advice. And when we do this, the right policy naturally follows.

– Simon Claxton, Income Protection specialist

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Get paid if your income stops
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How Income Protection Insurance works

No one can predict what’s around the corner and being forced to take time off work creates financial pressure. Income Protection Insurance means you won’t have to worry about how your mortgage and bills will be paid if you can’t work.

You pay a monthly or annual premium. And if you need time off after an accident or to recover from a serious illness, you’ll get regular payments that replace a proportion of your taxable income (including salary or dividends). 

Let's talk Income Protection
  • Long-term cover

    Choose a policy that provides an income until you return to work, or, until you reach retirement.

  • Affordable premiums

    Keep costs down by increasing the length of time before your payments start or by limiting the payment period to a fixed number of years.

  • Extra support

    Add on services like physiotherapy and psychological support to speed up rehabilitation.

Things you might not know about Income Protection Insurance

  • Legal & General’s latest ‘Deadline to Breadline’ research revealed that the average UK employee only has enough savings to last 32 days if income stopped.

  • If you are a doctor or surgeon working 32 hours a week or more, insurers will guarantee a minimum monthly income, regardless of how much your income has dropped or when you make a claim.

  • If you are a homemaker, you can get Income Protection Insurance too. It means if you are ill, you don’t have to struggle on; you’ll get help to pay for childcare, cooking and cleaning.

The average UK employee only has enough savings to fund 32 days of their current lifestyle.

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