Office Insurance

Office contents and essential liability cover for small businesses

Office Insurance

You’re a small business so you don’t want lots of insurance admin and you need to keep an eye on costs. Office insurance is a 2-in-1 insurance for small but smart business owners. It covers office equipment and employee compensation claims, even if they happen at the same time.

What is Office Insurance?

Office Insurance combines contents insurance and essential liability cover in a single policy. It’s great for smaller businesses because it acts as a 2-in-1 insurance policy. You get cover for loss or damage to office equipment but you’re also insured against compensation claims made by employees.


“We’ll work closely with you to create a bespoke all-in-one policy that addresses all the risks you face, saving you time, money and hassle.”

– Matt Thrupp, Office Insurance specialist

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How Office Insurance protects you

It may be called Office Insurance but it’s way more than office insurance. Office Insurance protects your assets, earnings and legal liabilities but can also cover buildings and contents protection in the same policy. And it may be called office insurance but your team is also covered for non-manual work away from the premises.

Want to reduce your insurance admin?
  • Office contents and computer equipment

    Cover the cost of replacing or repairing equipment if it’s accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

  • Public and products liability

    Cover your legal defence costs and any compensation awarded as a result of a death or injury as well as damage to a property linked to your business or to products you’ve sold or supplied.

  • Employers' liability

    Protect your business from employee compensation claims.

  • Business interruption

    Claim compensation if a fire, flood or burglary prevents you from running your business.

  • Crate a bespoke multicover policy

    Add extra cover for things like tenant improvements, personal accidents, legal expenses, equipment breakdown and off-site use of laptops.

Why you should consider Office Insurance

  • If you’re a small business, Office Insurance covers all your assets and liabilities under one cost-effective policy.

  • Asking for a bespoke policy limits your risk of underinsurance but also means that you don’t pay over the odds for cover you don’t need.

  • Office insurance can be tailored to meet your legal requirements as a business.

Office Insurance is designed to minimise business disruption and protect the profits of small businesses.

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Macbeth employee in conversation with a client

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