Commercial Combined Insurance

AKA Fully Flexible Business Insurance

Commercial Combined Insurance

One policy. One broker. One renewal date. And infinite assets and liabilities. Commercial Combined Insurance flexes to your unique way of doing business so you can focus on taking stock of products, not insurance policies.

What is Commercial Combined Insurance?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward. So we’re not huge fans of the name ‘Commercial Combined’ insurance. But we are fans of the insurance itself, because it makes life easy for busy manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.  

Combined Business Insurance (the other name for a Commercial Combined policy) is fully flexible business insurance that ‘combines’ all the risks in running a business, from your processes and premises, to the goods you buy, sell or store. 

Covering all your business risks under a single policy will save you time and money. Life’s a lot easier when you have one policy with one renewal date – and one broker to arrange everything.

– Ben Butler, Business Combined Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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How Commercial Combined Insurance protects you

Commercial Combined Insurance gives you thorough financial protection that fits your business. It’s modular too, which means you choose the cover options you need, from mechanical breakdowns and product recalls to cyber risks and employee crime.

We’ll ask the right questions and help you build a policy that addresses your unique business risks:

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  • Physical assets

    Protection against the loss of (or damage to) buildings, machinery, equipment, stock and goods in transit

  • Business interruption

    Cover to compensate for a drop in profits following an unexpected pause in production or distribution

  • Legal expenses

    Cover for legal action, including third-party liability claims from customers, suppliers or employees

Why you should consider Business Combined Insurance

  • Business Combined Insurance satisfies your directors’ legal duty to protect business assets.

  • Use combined insurance to cover primary business risks AND regulatory or contractual requirements.

  • If disaster strikes, having Business Combined Insurance will minimise the disruption to your business and protect your profits.

  • Talk about your tailored policy with customers to show how serious you are about mitigating risk.

Commercial Combined Insurance is ideal for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with large amounts of stock to insure.

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"Our company has been using Macbeth Insurance for over a year now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have found the service provided by Dennis Walsh and his team at Macbeth to be first class and very professional. Macbeth provide us with all the information we need to make an informed decision on our business combined insurance."
Clive D Devall – Fondera Ltd
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Smiling employee sitting in a meeting

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