Inheritance Tax Planning

Don’t let the taxman take the lion’s share of your estate

Inheritance Tax Planning

With the long-term trend for house prices to rise, particularly in London and the South East, more and more families are likely to be hit by inheritance tax. If you don’t want nearly half of your hard-earned assets to go to the taxman, inheritance tax planning can help you keep more of your estate in the family.

What does inheritance tax planning involve?

Also known as estate planning, inheritance tax planning starts with an assessment of the value of your estate – and how that value is spread across property and other assets such as savings and investments. Using this information, we can help you develop an effective inheritance tax strategy that’s tailored to you and your family.


“In some cases, it’s possible to remove your investments from your estate (and the clutches of the taxman) and still receive an income from them. You can also take out insurance to cover inheritance tax – and the cost of the policy can be deducted from your estate to reduce the tax bill your beneficiaries have to pay.”

– Simon Claxton, financial services specialist at Macbeth

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How inheritance tax planning protects your estate

Inheritance tax can cost loved ones thousands. With our expert advice on estate planning, you can reduce it substantially without giving away control of your property and investments.

Whatever approach you decide to take, we’ll search the entire market to find the best possible solutions for you and your family.

  • Inheritance tax planning helps to keep your estate intact, avoiding the forced sale of assets such as family heirlooms in order to pay the tax bill

  • Your strategy may include insurance to provide inheritance tax protection – or investments and trusts that shelter cash from being included in your estate for tax purposes

  • Even a simple review of your family’s wealth can often identify straightforward ways of avoiding tax liabilities in the future

Why you should consider inheritance tax planning

  • Despite the introduction of an additional ‘main residence’ allowance, the value of many people’s homes is still beyond the inheritance tax threshold

  • If you don’t have an inheritance tax strategy, your family could be forced to hand over 40% (after allowances) of your estate to the taxman

  • Inheritance tax protection is an area where good estate planning can pay for itself many times over

  • Events such as marriage, divorce, retirement, redundancy or a death in the family can alter your financial situation – so it’s important to review your inheritance tax plan regularly

  • Inheritance tax planning isn’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

If you don’t have an inheritance tax strategy, your family could be forced to hand over 40% of your estate to the taxman.

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