Our promise to you

We'll be here to support you when it matters

The way we see it, arranging insurance is only half the story. As a business that puts people first, there’s no question that we’ll be on hand to help if you ever need to make a claim.

Replacing risk with reassurance

We talk about replacing risk with reassurance. Our claims service does exactly that.

You won’t find many insurance brokers who offer a full claims service. Their involvement tends to stop when a policy has been set up – so you’re on your own if something goes wrong. Leaving you out on a limb doesn’t feel right to us. How are you expected to know if an insurer is dragging their heels? Or the payout you’re offered is fair? Or what to do if your claim is turned down?

Need to make a claim?

Reading: 0118 916 5480 / London: 020 7036 8767

Let us know how we did.

Taking care of your claim

  • In the dead of night. At the crack of dawn. Or sitting down to dinner on Christmas Day. We’ll always be at the end of the phone when you need us most.
  • When you call us about a claim, we’ll explain what will happen next – and how we’re going to help.
  • We’ll drive the claims process, dealing with insurers, loss adjusters and other parties on your behalf.
  • We’ll use our expert judgment to assess a claim. If we don’t feel an insurer’s initial offer is fair, we’ll challenge it. And if we think it’s possible a claim might be declined, we’ll tell you up front.
  • Whoever arranged (or renewed) your insurance will also handle your claim – so they’ll be familiar with all the policy details, right down to the smallprint and caveats.
  • We’ll keep you updated throughout the process. No long spells of radio silence that leave you wondering what’s going on.
If you need to make a claim just explain what’s happened and your client manager will take over from there.

What to do when something goes wrong

It couldn’t be simpler. If you need to make a claim, call your Client Manager at Macbeth. You’ll have their mobile number so you can get hold of them out of office hours. No need to dig around for your policy details. Just explain what’s happened and they’ll take over from there.

Even at this early stage, experience tells us if there’s a chance a claim will be declined. It rarely happens, but we’ll be able to give you a heads-up if we can foresee any problems. Once we’ve run through the details you need to record, we’ll report the claim to the insurer – and let them know Macbeth will be handling everything on your behalf.

Prefer to report a claim yourself? We’re happy for you to contact your insurer on their emergency helpline. Make sure you’ve got your policy details to hand. They won’t know you as well as we do!

Need to make a claim?

We'll aim to make the process as painless and hassle-free as possible. Send us a message with the details - or call us now on 0118 916 5480.

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