Management Liability Insurance

Essential protection for every limited company

Health & safety breaches. Age discrimination. Unfair dismissal. With the rapid rise in claims against business directors and officers, Management Liability Insurance is the first policy a limited company should have in place.

What is Management Liability Insurance?

Traditionally known as Directors & Officers Insurance, Management Liability Insurance protects company directors, senior managers and officers of charities, boards and committees if a negligence claim is brought against them in court or at an employment tribunal. The policy also covers legal action against the company itself – at no extra cost.


"Being a director of a company isn't something to be taken lightly. With potential personal liability for your actions, a Management Liability insurance policy will provide cover for employment claims, negligence, wrongful trading, health and safety claims along with claims for manslaughter. With the appropriate cover in place, you, your directors, officers and partners can focus on making the right decisions for your business."

– Ben Butler, Management Liability Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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How Management Liability Insurance protects you

Combining three key areas of risk in a single policy, Management Liability Insurance pays your defence costs and any final settlement or compensation award following legal action against you or your company. Your policy covers a wide range of claims and employment disputes, from wrongful trading and breaches of tax regulations to sexual harassment and corporate manslaughter.

We can arrange cover for the legal costs to defend a claim made against your company or a company director.

  • Directors’ or officers’ liability – your policy covers the cost of defending a claim made against any company director or officer
  • Corporate liability – Management Liability Insurance extends your cover to include claims made against the limited company
  • Employment practice liability – you’re also covered for legal defence costs and compensation awards made by employment tribunals
  • Cyber risks – your cover can include first-party losses such as cyber extortion and fraud and third-party losses such as privacy breaches
  • Crime activity - optional protection against losses arising from employee theft of money, securities or other property belonging to your company or its clients
Cover extends to anyone who makes a claim against your company, from employees, customers and suppliers to shareholders and competitors.
Why you should consider Management Liability Insurance
  • You’re protected against the fallout from increasing company regulation and greater scrutiny of directors’ duties, actions and responsibilities. The Companies Act 2006 details statutory duties that a director must comply with and in the event of a breach, could be held personally liable.
  • Management Liability Insurance shores up gaps in cover left by limited liability status (not applicable to directors’ personal assets) or legal expenses cover (invalid where a successful defence is unlikely).
  • Management liability cover extends to anyone who makes a claim against your company, from employees, customers and suppliers to shareholders and competitors.
  • Your business is far more likely to be taken to an employment tribunal than have a fire at its premises.
  • Management Liability Insurance can be extended to include your exposure to cyber risks and criminal activity.

Vital cover for limited companies

If you want to reduce the risks of running a business, Management Liability Insurance is a great place to start. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

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