Fine Art & Antiques Insurance

Creating packaged policies for prized possessions

Fine Art & Antiques Insurance

Fine art is a niche area of insurance that many brokers shy away from. Not Macbeth. We specialise in arranging worldwide ‘all risks’ cover for individual collectors, dealers and exhibitors, as well as museums and galleries. We also design bespoke policies for professionals in the world of fine art, such as auctioneers and valuers.

What is Art Insurance?

While most standard policies lack sufficient scope and flexibility, Art Insurance gives you the best possible protection, tailored to meet your requirements perfectly. Valuations are usually only needed for very expensive items. And you’re free to replace lost items or commission repairs using your own suppliers.


“Our policies offer a combination of wide territorial limits and cover for damage, restoration and depreciation, along with the incredibly handy benefit of being able to obtain automatic cover for new acquisitions – so there’s no need to notify the insurers immediately.”

– Carl Sharp, Fine Art and Antiques Insurance specialist at Macbeth

Rachael Bromham Client Manager

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How Art Insurance protects you

From fine art, antique furniture and rugs to glass, guns and precious metals, Art Insurance covers anything valuable or collectable for theft, accidental damage and repairs to damaged items. If you’re a private owner, our solution would be to include your precious items within a High-Value Home and Contents Insurance policy to get comprehensive protection at the most competitive price.

If you need to insure valuable artwork,  antiques and other collectables, an Art Insurance policy will provide the specialist cover you need.

  • Worldwide 'all risks' cover

    including accidental loss and damage, even when items are shipped across continents or loaned to a museum or exhibition

  • Loss in value compensation

    if an item is damaged, Art Insurance will not only pay to repair it, but also compensate you for any subsequent reduction in value

  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions

    even impulse buys are protected from the moment you become the owner

  • Death of artist adjustment

    a specialist insurer will automatically increase your cover by up to 100% for six months following an artist’s death to reflect the increased market value of their work

  • Pair or set replacement

    you have the option to receive the full replacement cost if you lose an item in a pair or set, as long as you give us the remaining piece(s)

Why you should consider Art Insurance

  • Some items can’t be replaced like for like. With Art Insurance you can either replace an item with something similar from your own supplier or keep the full cash settlement.

  • If an item is damaged or lost, you’ll receive the exact amount listed in your policy with no deductions and no quibbles from the insurer.

  • Many standard insurance policies state that exit doors and windows have to be locked with approved devices for a claim to be paid. Specialist insurers don’t impose these terms, accepting that anyone is capable of leaving a window open or forgetting to set an alarm.

  • Using a specialist Art Insurance broker like Macbeth ensures valuations are kept up to date – so your policy always reflects the market value of everything you own.

Macbeth specialise in arranging worldwide ‘all risks’ cover for individual collectors, dealers and exhibitors, as well as museums and galleries.

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Mandy Everest Private Client Team

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