Fine Art & Antiques Insurance

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Fine Art & Antiques Insurance

Flexible art insurance is almost as rare as your collection. There are always restrictions around home security, impulse buys and international shipping.  

We specialise in all-risk, no-quibble cover for collectors, dealers, museums, galleries and exhibitors. So we’ll curate policies that instantly cover purchases, compensate for loss in value and pay out even if you forget to set your alarm. 

What is Fine Art Insurance?

Your art collection is completely unique. And your insurance should be too. Art and antiques insurance is a specialist insurance policy that insures valuable or collectable items such as fine art, antique furniture and rugs, glass, guns and precious metals.  

We’ll curate a bespoke, all-risks fine art insurance policy to insure every corner of your collection in every corner of the globe. You’ll be covered for theft, accidental damage and repairs. You’ll only need to provide specific valuations for very expensive items. And you can use your own suppliers to replace lost items and commission repairs. Plus, if you leave a window open or forget to set an alarm, you’ll still be covered. Phew.

“Our policies even protect impulse buys. So you’re insured from the moment you become the owner.”

– Carl Sharp, Fine Art and Antiques Insurance specialist

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How Art Insurance protects you

Your art collection is completely unique. It’s not off-the-shelf. It’s not mass-produced. And there’s certainly nothing standard about it. So, we believe your Art Insurance should be unique too. It’s why we source flexible, no quibble policies that go way beyond standard cover. So you get complete reassurance as well as insurance. 

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  • Worldwide 'all risks' cover

    Cover art or antiques against accidental loss and damage when you ship items abroad or loan them to a museum or exhibition.

  • Compensation for 'loss in value'

    Get compensation for any reduction in value if an item has to be repaired.

  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions

    Insure impulse buys from the moment you become the owner.

  • Death of artist adjustment

    Protect art against increased market value in the event of an artist’ death (automatic increase in cover by up to 100% for six months following an artist’s death).

  • Pair or set replacement

    Receive the full replacement cost if you lose one item in a pair or set (as long as, at our request, you give us the remaining undamaged matching piece or pieces).

Exceptional cover. Without the exceptions

  • Some items can never be replaced. Our Art Insurance gives you the option to  replace an item with something similar (from your own supplier) or keep the full cash settlement.

  • If an item is damaged or lost, you’ll receive the exact amount listed in your policy. No deductions. No quibbles.

  • Standard insurance policies often state that exit doors and windows have to be locked and insist on ‘approved devices’. Our specialist insurers don’t impose these terms. Because they accept that you might accidentally leave a window open or forget to set the alarm.

  • Using a specialist Art Insurance broker like Macbeth ensures valuations are kept up to date – so your policy always reflects the market value of everything you own.

‘All risks’ cover for individual collectors, dealers and exhibitors, as well as museums and galleries.

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Mandy Everest Private Client Team

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