Prestige Car Insurance

You’re in the driving seat with a highly polished policy

Prestige Car Insurance

When you’re looking to insure a high-value car, most standard policies fall short by miles. At Macbeth we work with a number of specialist insurers who have raised the bar to provide superior cover that reflects your vehicle’s exceptional qualities.

What is Prestige Car Insurance?

Prestige Car Insurance is a must for anyone who drives a high-value vehicle, whether it’s the latest supercar or a 1950s classic. Designed to meet the demands of owners, a specialist policy has fewer restrictions than standard motor insurance, with everything from unlimited in-car entertainment cover to the freedom to choose your own repairer.


“Insurers involved in the high-value motor insurance market differentiate themselves on cover. If you mingle in the right circles, it’s likely that your friends will have expensive vehicles too – so among the great benefits of Prestige Car Insurance is the comprehensive ‘driving other cars’ extension that’s included as standard.”

– Carl Sharp, Prestige Car Insurance specialist at Macbeth

Rachael Bromham Client Manager

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How Prestige Car Insurance protects you

Prestige Car Insurance gives you comprehensive cover for any vehicle you drive – and for anyone who (with your permission) gets behind the wheel of your car. There’s no excess for total loss, no deduction for wear and tear, and no penalty for non-fault claims. You also get breakdown cover for the UK and Europe, plus an award-winning claims service that sees the majority of claims agreed within 48 hours.

Special cars require special cover. With Prestige Car Insurance you can rest assured that you’re getting superior protection designed to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

  • Fully comprehensive cover

    No matter what car you, or a named family member, drive

  • Agreed vehicle value

    From the outset, your policy will state the amount you’ll be paid if your car is written off

  • Like-for-like courtesy car

    You don’t have to downgrade if you have an accident or your car is stolen

  • No repair restrictions

    Where your car is taken to be repaired is entirely up to you

  • Unlimited foreign trips

    Your car can be taken out of the UK for up to 90 days on each trip

Why you should consider Prestige Car Insurance

  • One of the main benefits of Prestige Car Insurance is the policy extension that means you can jump into a friend’s Ferrari, McLaren or Bugatti and be insured comprehensively. It also works in reverse – so you can let a friend take your car for a spin whenever you want.

  • The freedom to choose a repairer can be vitally important. For example, a Lamborghini owner may have to send their car to Italy because only a few UK repairers work with aluminium.

  • If you need a courtesy car, you won’t be expected to manage with a 1.0L hatchback when you’re used to something a lot faster and more luxurious!

When you’re looking to insure a high-value car, most standard policies fall short by miles.

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Mandy Everest Private Client Team
Mandy Everest Private Client Team

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