Commercial Property Insurance

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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is complex. You have to think about the way a building is used, who is insuring it and who might be in it. Which means that under and over-insurance is common. And that’s if you can even get insurance. 


We tailor policies for freeholders, property managers, agents, investors, developers, residents’ associations, Right to Manage (RTM) companies and House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) landlords. So you get a policy that’s as unique as your building and your business. Even if it’s unoccupied.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance or Commercial Building Insurance insures you against all the risks you face when you’re responsible for a commercial building. It protects you from fires and explosions, break-ins and accidents. Put simply, it reduces your risk as a property owner because it covers premises as well as stock and equipment. And it should be tailored to the way a building is used; whether it’s a factory or a shop, or an office block. 

We’ll even insure unoccupied properties, buildings constructed of non-standard materials and properties with a high risk of flooding or subsidence.

“If you run a business from premises you own or you’re a commercial landlord, you need to protect your most valuable asset – bricks and mortar.”

– Catherine Smith, Commercial Property Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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Reduce your ‘what if’s’
Right-fit property insurance for hard-to-insure properties and portfolios

How Commercial Building Insurance protects you

Commercial property is an investment. It’s also a risk. Reduce your risk with a policy that takes all those ‘what ifs’ into account. And a broker that will find insurance for hard-to-insure buildings.

Let's talk Commercial Property Insurance
  • Repair & Rebuild

    Cover the cost of repair or rebuild following a fire, earthquake, explosion, subsidence or accidental damage. Every part of the building is covered including: communal areas, fixtures and fittings, glass, cables and underground pipework.

  • Employee & public-use liability

    Protect employees and members of the public using the building. Cover the cost to defend a liability claim following an accident.

  • Loss of rent

    Insure against loss of rent and/or the cost of alternative accommodation if your property is rendered unfit for occupation.

  • Single property or portfolio

    Cover a single commercial property, or a larger property portfolio under one policy.

  • Non-standard, residential and mixed-use buildings

    Cover hard-to-insure buildings like unoccupied, non-standard or mixed-use buildings.

Tips for choosing the right Commercial Property Insurance

  • Choose a tailored policy to avoid over or under-insurance.

  • You’ll need Commercial Property Insurance to meet the requirements of mortgage lenders and other financial loan providers.

  • Consider the occupation status of your property. Unoccupied commercial properties are hard to insure and you’ll need a broker that has access to specialist insurers.

  • Consider including landlord contents or contents of communal parts in your policy.

We can even insure unoccupied properties

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