Group Health Insurance

A staff perk that also benefits your business

Group Health Insurance

A slump in productivity. Sick pay costs. And temporary staff. Illness has a huge financial impact on your business. The cure? Quality, queue-free medical care in the form of Health Insurance for your employees. It doesn’t even have to cost you a penny.

What is Group Health Insurance?

Also known as Group Private Medical Insurance, (Private Healthcare) Group Health Insurance is an employee healthcare scheme. It’s called ‘group’ (which we know sounds a bit jargonesque) because it’s an umbrella policy that covers a group of people or employees. It’s a bit different to a traditional insurance policy. Because it’s less about making a claim and more about giving staff up-front access to quality medical care. Minus the NHS queues.

You can choose from different levels of insurance from full cancer cover, consultant fees and outpatient visits, to simple dental and eye cover. You can even include alternative therapies and discounts for fitness clubs and equipment.

Our Employee Benefits team are ‘whole of market’ which means we have access to the entire insurance market so we can source the best-fit insurance

– Simon Claxton, financial services specialist

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How Group Health Insurance works

Group Health Insurance doesn’t have to cost your business a penny. You can opt for a paid scheme where you pay premiums on behalf of your employees. Or, you can set up a voluntary scheme where individuals choose to opt-in and premiums are deducted from their salary. 

Our Financial Advisers will ask you lots of questions and explain the benefits of both options so you can decide which is better for your business.

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  • Company paid scheme

    Choose the level of cover you can afford and pay premiums on behalf of your team. Ideal for businesses who want to boost staff benefits and attract the best candidates in a competitive recruitment market.

  • Corporate voluntary scheme

    Give employees the option to opt into a healthcare scheme where premiums are deducted from their salary through payroll. Great for smaller businesses with modest benefit budgets.

Why you should consider Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance helps you look after staff and reduce absence at the same time. It’s seen as one of the most beneficial perks for employees because they (and their families, if covered) can get treatment quickly. But access to private healthcare gets people back to work quickly too.

There are lots of different health insurers so we won’t apologise for asking lots of questions to help us work out what you need. Then we’ll tailor an insurance policy to match your business and your budget.

Group Health Insurance is designed to get people back to work as quickly as possible.

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