Office Insurance

Keeping your business on track when disaster strikes

A pipe bursts and floods the building. Staff can’t work and customers are left waiting. Someone slips on the wet floor and breaks their hip. When you’ve had a bad day at the office, the consequences could be devastating if you have to foot the bill to put things right.

What is Office Insurance?

Office Insurance combines cost-effective protection for the physical assets of your business with essential liability cover under a single policy. It’s ideal for smaller businesses that are run from a commercial property, with a range of cover options that let you tailor a policy to suit the way your company operates.


"From the loss of or damage to essential office equipment to covering compensation claims made by employees, a well-considered Office Insurance policy will provide the protection and reassurance you need in order to focus your energy on running your business. We'll work closely with you to create a bespoke policy that addresses all the risks you face, saving you time, hassle and money.” 

– Matt Thrupp, Office Insurance specialist at Macbeth

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Is your commercial property adequately insured?

How Office Insurance protects you

Most Office Insurance policies are designed to protect the assets, earnings and legal liabilities of office-based businesses. You can also include buildings and contents cover in the same policy. And your cover for office-based activities can extend to non-manual work away from the premises.

Don’t let a bad day at the office ruin your year. Having the right insurance in place means you’ll get back to business as usual without a lengthy delay.

  • Office contents and computer equipment – Office Insurance can cover the cost to replace or repair equipment if it’s accidentally damaged, lost or stolen
  • Public and products liability – your insurer will pay your legal defence costs and any compensation awarded as a result of a death, injury or damage to property linked to your business or to products you’ve sold or supplied
  • Employer’s liability – you’re also covered for compensation claims made by employees
  • Business interruption – you don’t have to take a financial hit if a fire, flood or burglary prevents you from running your business
  • Extra cover options – such as tenant improvements, personal accidents, legal expenses, equipment breakdown and the off-site use of laptops
Office Insurance can be tailored to meet your legal requirements as a business.
Why you should consider Office Insurance
  • Having the right insurance for your office is important. Most small businesses can cover all their assets and liabilities under one cost-effective Office Insurance policy.
  • Every business is different – so it’s worth asking a specialist broker like Macbeth to create a policy that covers all the risks you face. This means you don’t have to worry about being underinsured or pay over the odds for cover you don’t need.
  • Office Insurance can be tailored to meet your legal requirements as a business, whatever line of work you’re in.
  • If disaster strikes, having Office Insurance will minimise the disruption to your business and protect your profits.

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