Marine Cargo Insurance

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Carriers such as shipping lines and airlines provide only limited liability in the event of loss or damage to goods based on weight related compensation. We operate our own unique, All Risks insurance policy backed by the security of Lloyd’s of London or other first-class insurers to ensure that your goods are fully protected whilst in transit.

What is Marine Cargo Insurance?

Marine Cargo Insurance provides door to door All Risks Insurance for your goods whilst in the ordinary course of transport by land, air or sea. It can also be extended to included storage risks if such cover is specifically requested and agreed.

Cover can be provided for import of raw materials or finished goods from suppliers, export sales to overseas customers or domestic distribution of goods.

Cargo can typically be covered for transit anywhere in the world but there are some exclusions, typically related to countries suffering from unrest, where local governmental laws prevent overseas Insurers from providing cover or where subject to UK, EU or US Sanctions and UN Resolutions.

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How Marine Cargo Insurance works

There are many risks which your goods are exposed to when they are transported. Marine Cargo Insurance can offer you protection against the risks of loss or damage that may occur which could leave you exposed to financial loss.

Our dedicated team works closely with clients including importers, exporters, shippers, receivers, sellers and buyers to clearly understand their needs and match their risks to the right protection.

  • As an extension of Marine Cargo Insurance, we also provide Stock Throughput Insurance which provides protection for UK and overseas warehousing and distribution.

  • It includes cover for raw materials, parts, semi-finished and finished products with the basis of valuation set for each stage of production.

  • We offer continuous cover under a single policy for all stages of the supply chain including transit, process (but excluding damage caused by the process), storage in the UK or overseas and delivery to the customer.

Why you should consider Marine Cargo Insurance

  • All Risks cover for physical loss and damage to goods for items in transit by sea, air, rail or road

  • Cover provided on a full warehouse to warehouse basis including loading and unloading risks

  • Cover can be extended to include UK domestic transits, exhibitions, warehousing, inter-company transits and returned goods

  • Policies are tailored in accordance with Terms of Sale or Purchase (Incoterms)

  • Contingent liability available for buyers and sellers interests

  • Includes General Average

  • Unique policy wording developed to provide additional covers

We offer continuous cover under a single policy for all stages of the supply chain.

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