Freight Liability Insurance

For responsible freight forwarders, warehouse keepers, and road hauliers

Freight Liability Insurance

Transporting or storing cargo by air, road, rail or sea exposes you to lots of different risks. So if you’re in logistics, you’re carrying the weight of your clients’ business on your shoulders. Quite literally. We’ll help you navigate the turbulent world of trading conditions and international transport conventions. To lighten your load.

What is Freight Liability Insurance?

Also known as Freight Insurance, Freight liability insurance protects your legal liability and responsibility for the loss or damage of goods you’re transporting for your customers. It can also include Warehouse Keepers’ Insurance and Hauliers’ Liability Insurance.

Standard Freight Insurance policies are often full of limits and exclusions. So we’ve created our own unique policy wording which can include cover for high-risk goods, non-standard and special cargoes with the best of everything available on the market.

We’re an associate member of the British International Freight Association and we’re part of the BIFA Legal and Insurance Policy Group too. Which means we know all the ins and outs of trading conditions, international conventions, and statutes. So it’s a weight off your mind.

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Avoid a turbulent insurance claim

Get straightforward advice about Freight Liability

Customised Freight Liability Insurance for freight forwarders, road hauliers and warehouse keepers

Our unique policy wording is designed to provide uncompromising legal liability cover

Read our Freight Liability In Focus document
  • Protect your legal liability arising under standard trading conditions, common law and international conventions and statutes such as CMR

  • Protect your company from errors and omissions, negligent acts and human errors such as the incorrect delivery of goods

  • Get advice for contracts and tenders that need enhanced levels of liability

  • Extend cover easily to insure:

    • High-risk goods and special, non-standard cargo
    • Owned, hired or leased equipment such as trailers and containers
    • Own Vehicle Carriage
    • Supply chain management
    • Pick and pack operations
    • Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier or NVOCC (an ocean carrier that doesn’t own a vessel but instead leases or buys container space on another vessel)
    • Community Transit Guarantee AKA a T Form (a document – or passport – that moves with goods and states where duty is payable)
  • Add specialist policies that aren’t included with Freight Liability Insurance:

    • Charterers’ Liability (when you are responsible for the vessel itself
    • Port and Terminal Operators (port authority, or company that contracts with a port authority to move cargo through a port)
    • Stevedores (people employed at a dock to load and unload ships)
    • Shipping agents (the party representing the ship’s owner in port)

Why choose Freight Liability Insurance with Macbeth?

We specialise in Freight Insurance. Which means we’ll ask you more questions than most brokers. Because we want to make sure you are properly protected.

And because we deal with claims in house, we know why claims don’t get paid. So we won’t just sort your insurance, we’ll also be clear about which conditions and conventions are relevant too.

Protection in line with standard trading conditions, conventions, statues and common law.

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Bespoke policies to protect your contractual responsibilities

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