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Employers’ Liability Insurance (EL) – Frequently Asked Questions

In the past there was little or no protection if an employee suffered injury or disease as a result of their employers negligence. As society has evolved laws have been established to protect employees. Employers liability is now a compulsory insurance to indemnify employees if they are injured because of their employers negligence.


Insurance Requirements for Selling into the US and Canada

When it comes to dealing with companies in the US or Canada, insurance requirements can differ considerably from those in the UK. This is particularly true in relation to insurance for public and products liability. If a company is selling goods or services into the US or Canada, they need to consider carefully their contractual obligations and possibly some specific insurance requirements.


Vicarious Liability For Data Breaches – Prepare for Doomsday

Back in December 2017, WM Morrison Supermarkets Plc was found to be vicariously liable for a major data breach committed by one of its employees. The decision was appealed which was subsequently dismissed in October 2018. The Lord Justices’ comments in the appeal notice make for interesting reading, particularly from an insurance perspective!


Distribution Fraud Insurance – Know Your Clients

Distribution Fraud is, unfortunately, fairly common these days, costing UK businesses tens of millions a year. It is however an insurable risk, usually covered as part of a wider crime insurance policy. Distribution Fraud Insurance.


Mind the GAP….Protect Your Vehicle

Ever bought a car from a dealership or finance company? If so, then you’ve probably heard of GAP Insurance. GAP insurance is designed to work alongside your motor insurance policy to protect you and/or your business from an expected shortfall.


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