Is your horsebox protected against breakdown?

Taking care of your horsebox is as important as looking after your horse, especially whilst they are traveling on board. Even the best maintained vehicle may suddenly develop a fault that requires instant attention or emergency parts.

Breaking down can be stressful enough without the added worry of distressed horses on board, whether it is on a remote road or busy motorway.

Specialist breakdown cover including equine recovery, can be added to most horsebox insurance policies to include the following incidents:-

 ·       Mechanical or electrical breakdown

·        Flat batteries

·        Punctures (most policies will require you to carry a spare wheel and tyre)

·        Lack of fuel

·        Lost ignition keys

·        Damage caused by an accident, vandalism or theft resulting in the vehicle being undriveable

Cover will often include:-

·        24/7 helpline service

·        Breakdown at home and/or least one mile from home

·        Call out fees & labour charges (any parts fitted will be charged for at a later date)

·        Movement of vehicle to a local garage or place of choice

·        Onward travel arrangements or necessary emergency overnight accommodation for horses and passengers

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Author: Tony Gibbs | July 22, 2013

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