christmas presents wrapped up
christmas presents wrapped up

Santa Baby… are you missing the obvious? 12 ways to protect your belongings this Christmas

January 30, 2023

We’ll be honest. This blog is rather obvious. And the tips are probably all things you’ve heard before. But it’s the simple things we sometimes forget, right? Because the advice is so obvious, we forget to follow it.

So if you’ll indulge us, here is a reminder about some of the ways you can protect your home and your belongings this Christmas. Much like an annoying Christmas song, we know you know this stuff off by heart, so just consider it a friendly reminder in case you forget amongst all the Christmas craziness. Because we all have those moments.


Twelve ways to protect your Christmas

Santa baby, slip a Rolex under the tree…

Are you insured to the correct post-Christmas-day value? Underinsurance is one of the most distressing scenarios to face when you need to make a claim. It’s always worth a quick call to your insurer to check. It could cost quite a few carats (and not ones that Rudolf would be interested in!)


Santa buddy, a convertible too, light blue…

Expensive gifts left in a car are unlikely to be covered by your contents insurance, so keep boxes hidden, or, leave expensive items with a shopping concierge while you finish shopping.

Did you know? There has recently been a rise in car break-ins in order to steal a steering wheel for its airbag. Keyless entry radio waves can be intercepted if you leave the keys too close to the car. So, pop keys in a keyless blocker pouch (or a tin if you don’t have a pouch) to stop radio waves being transmitted.


If you check off my Christmas list…

Shopping on a new website? Use the guest checkout option or if you do create an account, choose 3 random words for your password. They’re hard to hack and easy to remember.

And dispose of packaging carefully. A stack of folded boxes left out for recycling gives some very obvious clues about recently purchased items or gifts. Take boxes to the tip or a shared recycling point instead.


Santa cutie, fill my stocking with a duplex…

According to the Gas Safe Register, most house fires caused by gas happen on 25th December. So pop a gas safety check on your to-do list in the run up to Christmas. There’s burnt turkey and there’s burnt turkey.

and cheques…

Hackers are quick to implement seasonal and ‘relevant’ scams. So be extra vigilant when that prize holiday or cheque email arrives.


Come and trim my Christmas tree, with some decorations bought at Tiffany

If you have a safe, how often do you use it? And when did you last change the code? We all have good intentions and forget when we’re tired, busy or late home. But putting valuable jewellery (or pre-wrapped jewellery gifts) in your safe, is the safest place for them. You could even consider a decoy safe.


Forgot to mention one little thing; a ring

If a proposal is on the Christmas cards, check with your insurer to make sure the value of the ring is covered by your existing insurance policies.


Santa buddy, I want a yacht and really that’s not a lot

If you’re on holiday just before or after Christmas, don’t do a Raheem Sterling and publicise that you’re away. Save those holiday snaps until you’re home.

We all give out a lot of data willingly. But the town you live in from Facebook combined with snaps of the front of your house can be enough for a determined burglar to find your home. Especially if your belongings are worth putting in a bit of detective work for.


Your business

Whilst you may want a break from business this Christmas, these three tips will help keep your business safe too:


  • If your teams are working from home over the festive period, make sure they are cyber aware. Phishing emails surge in the build up to and during the festive period so take the time to test staff with mock phishing exercises and make it ok to ask a “silly” question or request a second opinion.


  • If you’re advertising your opening hours for Christmas, you can be more of a target. So do all the obvious stuff; make sure that alarm is on (especially if you’re running out the door to festive drinks), don’t leave expensive equipment lying around (implement a clear desk policy over Christmas and you never know, it might stick in the new year!) and create a mini ‘closing up checklist’ to give anyone locking up a reminder (and peace of mind that they’ve done everything they need to).


  • At Christmas, your team are more likely to be going straight from work to party. We hate to be party poopers (and you can blame this request on us!) but gently remind staff to leave laptops at the office or take it home first. No-one wants to wake up with a hangover AND a sinking feeling that they left the laptop on a train or in a bar.


Protect yourself and your business this Christmas

Overall, take the best precautions you can to reduce your risk, but cover yourself for the worst.

And if you’re worried about underinsurance, we’re here to ask you the questions you may not have thought about.

Book a 20 minute consultation for peace of mind.  Contact Rachael Bromham for Private Client insurance enquiries. Contact James Bishop for Commercial insurance enquiries

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