Don’t Let Storm Brian Ruin Your Weekend | Macbeth

A storm called Brian doesn’t sound very threatening, but by all accounts he could be packing quite a punch. Here are a few tips to help avoid Brian ruining your weekend!

  • Put outdoor items away or secure them. The main danger in a storm tends to be flying debris, so it is very important to put everything – from kids’ toys to barbeques – away.
  • Check fences and clear gutters, drains and ditches. This will help to minimise the risk of flying debris and allow water to drain away effectively, avoiding flooding and water damage. It is also worth checking your house from the outside to ensure there is nothing which could become loose in a storm.
  • Only travel if essential. Avoid going outside, particularly at the height of any storm activity. If you have to travel, be aware of the potential for flooded roads and fallen branches or trees.
  • Consider pets and other animals. Animals still out in fields or paddocks should be brought in now.
  • Inform your neighbours and arrange for someone to oversee your property if you are going away for half term
  • Be prepared for loss of power. Make sensible preparations such as charging mobile phones now and having a torch at the ready. It is always safer to avoid using candles in the event of a power cut.

Roll on sweet Caroline!!!!


Author: Tony Gibbs | October 20, 2017

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