A fresh take in a changed world

March 07, 2023

The last few years have created a shift in the way we live our lives. Life and work are now intertwined, home and office are blended.

Our existing brand was out of step with the modern world, and after 30 years of trading, we decided to mark the occasion by re-evaluating our look, and rediscovering who we are.


Our brand is our most valuable asset, it’s who we are and who our clients perceive us to be.

A rebrand is a natural stepping stone in the growth of any thriving business, so we went back to the drawing board to identify what really makes us tick. Our old brand was old fashioned, static and impersonal, and we wanted to be more relevant. We wanted to maintain our reputable image but give it a fresher feel.

We invited Sabina Gran, a talented illustrator to produce a graphic recording of our vision for the new-look Macbeth, and after receiving expert advice, engaging in several enthusiastic debates (and drinking endless coffee!) we found out:

  • We’re unapologetically enthusiastic
  • We really hate jargon
  • We love to collaborate
  • Our business isn’t really about insurance and finances, it’s about people and relationships

Our new branding reflects our new identity, a logo that is timeless, solid and uncomplicated. It honours our heritage, and embraces the modern way of life.

It symbolises a safe pair of hands, a forcefield, because our clients worlds are worth defending.

We want our clients to risk less.



Follow the (green) brick road

Just like the famous road in the Wizard of Oz, we have a clear path ahead of us. Our new vision is simple:

To be the ‘go to’ insurance and employee benefits provider in the Thames Valley

It’s where we want to go, and it’s vital in generating the drive, energy and fresh thinking that our team is known for. Our clients have always been at the heart of everything we do, and our mission and ethos reflect just this;

to protect our clients world, reduce their risk and exceed their expectations: giving honest, principled advice when they need it.

The world of insurance is tedious, complex and confusing. We want to help our clients balance this new fusion of work and life. We think about the things they don’t, we free up the time they lack and we blend insurance with financial advice to protect their whole worlds.

So they can focus on what matters to them, and jump headfirst into life.


A new chapter in our story

“When my dad, Malcolm, established our company in 1992 his aims were simple – to provide expert advice backed by an amazing personal service and the highest quality products tailored to a clients’ needs.

Just over 30 years’ on, these principles really haven’t changed and I’m incredibly proud of the business we’ve become and the way in which we’ve achieved this growth. Yes, we’ve grown (a lot!) but we’ve worked hard to maintain our culture and develop our business around people who embody our values and philosophy.

The reviews, recommendations and referrals we receive are testament to the incredible attitude and enthusiasm we apply to all aspects of our work, but especially our clients.

I am extremely excited about this next chapter in our story. Our new brand identity gives us a great platform to build from. It reflects what we stand for and the values that drive us. I’m thrilled to introduce you to it, and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Welcome to the new-look Macbeth.”


Paul Macbeth

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Combined Shape
Combined Shape
Group CEO sitting in high back chair looking to camera and smiling
Group CEO sitting in high back chair looking to camera and smiling

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