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September 28, 2016

Established in 2006, IntaForensics has become one of the UK’s leading providers of digital forensic services. Its specialist teams are based at laboratories in Leeds, Nuneaton, Stafford and Warrington where they conduct forensic investigations for the legal sector, police forces, local authorities, commercial organisations and private clients across the world.


IntaForensics’ Commercial Director, James Borkoles, remembers a time when the company arranged its own insurance: “Before we started working with Macbeth, we just had a general business insurance policy with professional indemnity. Now we have special cyber insurance that’s tailored to what we do as a business.”

IntaForensics’ challenge

As IntaForensics win new contracts, their exposure to risk can change. A lot of the company’s contracts are written under US law and include Stateside terminology and insurance stipulations. James is the first to admit that these can be confusing: “We’re not experts in risk mitigation – and we often don’t even understand what the contracts are saying, let alone the implications in terms of our insurance.”

Macbeth’s solution

IntaForensics first approached Macbeth about a particular contract where they needed to change their cover and get a specific waiver put in place. One of Macbeth’s Technology Insurance specialists, Adam Lawrence, found a solution that provided comprehensive cover, including first and third party cyber liability, privacy liability and professional indemnity. He also arranged cover for public and employer’s liability, offices and laboratories, goods in transit and goods in trust.

Switching to a specialist broker was a pivotal moment for James: “We would have been stuck without Adam. He clearly is knowledgeable and well connected in the industry – and he understands our business. That makes all the difference.”

Now Adam works through each new contract to ensure IntaForensics are compliant: “Contract terminology and cover requirements can differ – and if they’re not addressed and specifically agreed to, these terms can result in a claim being declined. This is a complicated area that’s often overlooked by general insurance brokers. Helping fast-growing technology companies like IntaForensics understand the insurance implications of contractual agreements is a key part of what we do at Macbeth, particularly where there’s expansion into overseas markets.”

Evidence of success

As well as ensuring IntaForensics are always fully covered, Macbeth have also managed to cut the company’s insurance costs by around 40%. It’s a win-win for James who sees their relationship going from strength to strength: “Macbeth have been a huge help to us over the years. Without them we would have struggled to win some contracts. The most important thing for us is having the right cover in place. Not only have Macbeth given us much better cover than we had before, they’ve also saved us a fortune. It really is a truly valuable partnership.”

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