Public Liability Insurance

Enabling you to work in a public environment whilst protecting against compensation claims

Public liability insurance is recommended for any business whose employees are required to work at a client’s home or business premises, or which welcomes members of the public or customers on to their own premises. In many circumstances it can be contractual requirement so not having it can puit you at a commercial disadvantage.

It protects against compensation claims arising from:

  • injuries to third parties or damage to their property caused by your negligence, or that of your staff or any sub-contractors employed by you

Public liability insurance covers the legal fees and associated costs involved in defending a claim plus the award of any damages against you, including any costs the NHS may claim relating to ambulance call-out and hospital treatment.

Why you should consider it:

  • Provides peace-of-mind financial protection for your business even in the event of an invalid claim
  • May be compulsory depending on the nature of your business – a horse riding stables, for instance
  • Often required by customers or potential customers as a necessary contractual requirement before they engage you
  • Enhances your business’s reputation as a professional firm

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